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Sole trader

In business on your own

Actually, you're not alone - we're here to help.
You can check out the items below
to see how various taxes and such matters might affect you and we can tell you how we can provide help, support and advice to you as someone in business on your own account.
If you are considering setting up in business, we'll tell you what to watch out for and help you through the process. And as
the business  develops we are here to provide guidance and assistance, not just saving tax but helping you improves and grows your business.













At Amin & Co. Accountants, we offer a number of accountancy solutions to help you as a sole trader. Although being a sole trader is one of the simplest ways to get started in business, there are many processes that need to be followed to ensure a smooth tax assessment each year.
Starting to trade

When you start to trade there are certain things that need to be dealt with:

  • Business names and trading styles

  • Notifying the Inland Revenue (HMRC)

  • Registering for VAT

  • Tax and National Insurance

  • Taking on employees

  • Books and records

  • Bank accounts

A good accountant is always a valuable asset to any business so make sure you don't delay and contact us today on 0161 224 3510 or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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